Choosing Service

You have chosen to serve others. That’s why you’re here.

This is the foundation of our philosophy. We explore the origins of our decision to serve others. We embrace our own service styles, capitalizing on our skills, experiences, and motivations.

All too often, bad service originates from dissonance. This dissonance occurs in the mind and heart of someone who has not embraced his or her decision to serve. Whether you work in the corporate world, the hospitality industry, or a small business, the fact that you interact with clients, customers, and guests illustrates that fact that you have chosen to serve.

We help you resolve this internal dissonance in your staff. We motivate each of you to fully live the life you’ve chosen, to make the most of this opportunity. Your organization will thrive. Possibilities for you and your organization will exponentially multiply, once you recognize the significance of Choosing Service.

For details about our Choosing Service weekend workshops, please visit our corporate service training page.

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