Corporate Service Training

Creating a Thriving Corporate Service Culture

Great service cultures do not just materialize; they are carefully and consciously created. Working with leaders and service personnel in a corporate service environment, the consultants and trainers at Service Culture International facilitate the creation of a customized service-oriented vision statement.

Great service cultures celebrate product knowledge, gentle authority, service customization, and genuine relationships.

Our Corporate Service Culture Development program is a three-part series, which creates the perfect canvas for a brilliant business opening, regional opening, or concept change, and the ideal accompaniment to further technical skill training. We find that during the workshop, which fosters a strong sense of dedication and belonging, service professionals begin to take ownership of the service experience. Participants in our workshop walk away with a true understanding as to why continued service training is imperative to their own success and to the success of the organization.  Each service professional understands their specific role and importance in the professional family, which creates a fertile ground for the development of dedicated iconic team members.

The consultants and trainers at Service Culture International believe in the values of Servant Leadership and uphold the standard that the front line service professional must be educated, supported and empowered to create a rich service culture, fulfilling service relationships, a profound organizational image, lasting memories, and return clients.

The following is an overview of each part of the training:

Part 1 – The Art of Service: An Intensive, Interactive Conversation in Service (4 Hours)

  • Professional Etiquette
  • Introduction to the Service Culture Statement
  • Acting vs. Genuine Relationship
  • The Responsibility of the Service Professional
  • The Client: Understanding Who We Serve
  • Client Expectations: The Service Experience and Creating a Community
  • The Golden Rule vs. The Platinum Rule
  • Defining Service
  • Introduction to Embracing  Service
  • Balancing the  Relationship between the Giver and Receiver of Service
  • The PhD of Service: Attention to Detail, Presence, The Art of Listening and Being on Another’s Agenda

Part 2 – Service Culture Statement Development: All profound service experiences require a vision! (4 Hours)

As a group we develop the Service Culture Statement.  This customized statement is based on the appropriate “Relationship of Service” between the Service Professional and the Client. This statement is derived from;

  • Desired and Perceived Market
  • Client Expectations
  • Client Needs and Desires
  • Corporate Culture and Traditions
  • Employee Base, Facilities and Service Flow, and
  • Geographic Region; Local Culture, Traditions and Customs

Part 3 – Embracing Service (4-8 Hours)

We request that each individual express to the group why they consciously chose to be at the corporate level of service based on:

  • Past or Current Mentors
  • Life Experiences
  • Values and Lifestyle Goals
  • Family Tree
  • Motivation: Money, Sophistication, the Need to make a Difference and,
  • Intellectual and Spiritual Growth

Finally, we discuss the personal presentation and service style of each participant, creating an understanding as to how their presentation complements the newly created Service Culture Vision Statement. By understanding the strengths of our fellow service professionals, we discover how to “staff our weaker side” by incorporating their skills and talents.

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