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Choosing Service


We all serve, and in honing your culture of service through one of our training seminars, we can transform your organization. Great service isn’t just for the hospitality industry. Servant leadership, empathy, and emotional intelligence

are imperatives for today’s thriving businesses. 

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What is Service Culture?

Service Culture Int’l

Service is the act of meeting a specific expectation for those we serve. Whether it is our manager, our customer, or our team, we all serve. By Choosing Service, we acknowledge this deeply rooted truth and realize our business potential.

Despite believing that service is only a priority for the hospitality industry, every industry begets interactions with clients, customers, and coworkers. This illustrates the fact that we have chosen to serve.

By engaging in a Service Culture International training seminar, we enable your business to unlock its potential and reach unimaginable heights. We work with you to establish a service vision unique to your organization, and we guide you by laying a foundation of carefully tailored standards and procedures.

Transform your organization

Team Building, Through Service

Teams from the corporate world, the hospitality industry, or small business will find immense value in our service culture trainings. For our hospitality industry clients, we also offer specifics in guest service and product knowledge. 


Staying competitive in an increasingly dynamic market is vital. Corporations which hone their service culture maintain a competitive edge and continuously exceed their customers expectations.

Private Golf Clubs

A speciality of ours, private golf clubs look to give their members a premier and exclusive experience. Only by giving your staff superior service skills, thorough product knowledge, and a strong service culture is this possible to create.

Small Business

Small to mid-sized businesses looking to better empathize with their customers should look no further than to Service Culture Int’l. Your teams will begin to deliver amazing results to help grow your business.


It goes without saying that service and hospitality are synonymous. Great service culture begins and ends with genuine relationships between your guests and staff, which we enable through meaningful workshops and trainings. 

Spas and Resorts

Memorable guest experiences are the raison d’être for spas and resorts. Discover how to truly transport your guests to a world of relaxation and rejuvenation through our service culture trainings. 


What People are Saying

“Integral element to our success”

“Charles provides a very deep understanding of customer service excellence and
delivers an easy to understand structure for implementation.”

Bryan Smithwick, GM
GreatHorse Golf Club



Whether we admit it or not, we all serve. Charles’ wisdom and guidance allowed our team to get out of our own way and level up the way we serve our clients and one another.

Jackson Stevens, COO
CKD Technology Partners

“A true master”

“We were particularly impressed with Charles’ knowledge of food and wine and the ingenious
teaching methods that he employed.”

Manlo Cheng, GM
Le Chateau, Shanghai


“Charles’ training sessions are making a difference and we can’t wait to experience his impact next time.”

Marisa, Regional Director
Waldorf-Astoria Collection


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